Shooting Star Tattoos

“The Best Shooting Star Tattoos Gallery”

When selecting a shooting star tattoo, you should know the art design meaning and symbolism, and where to get quality artwork. I will explain both aspects for you. These tattoos are timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

People often associate shooting stars with good luck and success. To be a “shooting star” is to do really well at something, very quickly. Sometimes the expression is also used to suggest that the person will “burn out” before too long. In Western culture the shooting star has become the symbol of something beautiful yet very short-lived. Often people feel that the shooting star which burns bright and quickly can be as simple for life or more specifically or how one should live their life.

In some cultures, however, a meteor is thought to bring bad luck, or to reveal that someone has died. In one Native American legend, a shooting star symbolizes a young girl, far from her native land, trying to get home. In another, it’s a coyote that had climbed up to dance among the stars. Asian legends say that these lights in the sky are serpents, which may bring good luck or bad.

Shooting star tattoos can have a single star or several. The star itself can have a traditional five-pointed shape, look like a Star of David, form a sunburst, or be any other style you choose. The tail can be a few lines to suggest motion, a fully detailed flame, or anything in between. Some designs incorporate smaller stars into the tail.

What ever sort of tattoo you want, the most important thing is to get something that has meaning to you. If you have decided to get a certain design, but can’t find out the exact meaning of the one you have picked, make sure that it has meaning to you.

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