Rose Tattoos

Rose Tattoos“My Best Rose Tattoos Gallery”

Almost every tattoo shop in the world has rose flower design within their tattoo image catalog. For many years the rose tattoo was one of the most popular designs for tattoo shop customers. Interestingly, the rose is nearly as popular with men as it is with women. There’s no reason that both sexes can’t have a rose tattoo design on their bodies.

Among the ancient Greeks, roses symbolized secrecy. Wearing a rose during a religious ceremony implied that the wearer would keep the religion’s secrets sacred. Ancient Greco-Roman culture also saw the rose as a symbol of beauty, of springtime, and of love. And they saw in it a reminder of how fleeting life can be. In Rome, “rosalia” was an annual feast honoring the dead.

When roses are given as a gift, color matters. Before you select a color for your rose tattoo, consider the traditional meanings of each shade.

  • Red Rose: Love or passion. A rose in true, pure red is the symbol of true love. The gift of a single red rose says, “I love you,” while a thornless rose declares “love at first sight”.
  • Yellow Rose: Joy, friendship or new beginnings. In Victorian times, yellow stood for jealousy.
  • White Rose: Loyalty, reverence, or humility. White can also symbolize platonic love. In medieval times, the white rose was the symbol of virginity.
  • Blue Rose: Uniqueness, originality.
  • Light Pink Rose: Sympathy or admiration.
  • Deep Pink Rose: Gratitude or appreciation.
  • Orange Rose: Enthusiasm or sexual desire.
  • Black Rose: Death or bad omens.

Countless tales and legends name the rose as a source of love and delight. According to the ancient Persians, the nightingale loved the white rose so much that the bird embraced it, piercing its heart and turning the rose red. In 15th century England, during the bloody War of the Roses, the red rose stood for the House of Lancaster, while the white rose represented the House of York.

My final thoughts and feelings about choosing your tattoo are just to be careful and know that the tattoo will be their forever. Also ask the tattoo artist questions and more questions. So just make sure you are comfortable with the tattoo and the artist and everything will be fine.

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