Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos“My #1 Top Flower Tattoos Gallery Pick”

It is no wonder that flower tattoos have become one of the most widely requested of all tattoo designs for both men and women. One of the biggest attractions of flower tattoos is the fact that they tend not to get old-fashioned and will probably be just as popular in ten years as they are now.

These tattoos come in various styles and designs.

Rose tattoos

Rose TattoosRose tattoos come in several colors that depict different feelings and emotions. Red rose, for example, represents love, romance, passion, beauty, purity, and courage. These designs can have beautiful flowing ribbons with names of dear ones, as remembrance or as a pledge of eternal loyalty.

Although the most asked color for rose tattoo designs is red, the blue rose tattoo, symbolizing mystery and the quest to achieve the impossible, is gaining in popularity. White rose designs, on the other hand, represent purity of soul and innocence. Finally, if the rose is black or is intertwined with barbed wire then it usually has a darker meaning.

A rose design tattooed in a very private place, which can be seen only by a lover, can honor the tradition of the rose as a symbol of secrecy.

Hawaiian flowers

Hawaiian FlowersOne of the flowers that can be a great idea for a Hawaiian flower tattoo is Hibiscus flower, usually a yellow or red flower with a few pedals surrounding the middle seed. People regularly associate the hibiscus flower with their experiences visiting the state of Hawaii. Hibiscus tattoos have become almost as popular as rose or star tattoos in the US – and possibly all over the world.

Other Hawaiian flowers for tattoo designs include orchids, pikake (also known as jasmine) and plumeria.

Lotus flowers

Lotus FlowerA tattoo with a lotus flower symbolizes love and purity in the east, just as a rose tattoo represents the same things in the west. A lotus flower design, though, carries a little more meaning. This tattoo also symbolizes beauty, fortune, enlightenment, goodness and peace.

Lotus flower tattoos are also popular for men and women who have gone through hard times and are now coming out of it.

Cherry blossom tattoos

Cherry BlossomThe beauty and delicate style of cherry blossom makes it a popular design for a lot of women who desire a tattoo. In the Chinese culture, cherry blossom is a symbol of both female power and love. In Japan culture, however, the cherry blossom has the symbolism of the transience of life.

Getting tattooed with a flower design can have these various symbols and meanings along with being quite beautiful and elegant.

Remember that tattoos are permanent, so look around carefully before deciding on one. Browse online galleries to gather ideas that inspire you.

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  1. vanessa gonzalez says:

    that is such a cute tat i am 14 i cant wait to get 1 wen i am 18 i am goinjg to get a flower on the bak of my neck well did it hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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