Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos“My #1 Top Star Tattoos Gallery Pick”

Star designs are becoming very popular as tattoo designs. Star tattoos are suitable for everyone as they are not specific to any gender, set of beliefs or cultural heritage. They are worn by many different kinds of individuals and groups, never go out of fashion, and can really be called classic designs.

Star tattoos have great symbolism and meaning behind them. For example, star tattoo ideas that contain a series of falling stars may serve as recognition of the wonders of nature, and the continuing of civilization. People often associate shooting stars with good luck and success. To be a “shooting star” is to do really well at something, very quickly. In general, star tattoos represent positivity, dreams and high ambitions.

There are so many different star tattoo designs that you can get. There is the traditional sailor nautical star tattoo, the hot looking shooting star tattoo and then there is always a moon and star tattoo combo.

The historical meaning of the nautical star was used to symbolize protection, guidance, loyalty and honor. In recent years, a number of different groups have adopted the nautical star as their own. Gays, lesbians and particularly punks attach importance to the nautical star and may have one tattooed on their body as a symbol of the truth about the north of the country and the place they call home.

And more recently many mixed martial art fighters wear the nautical star tattoo design, most likely as good luck guidance symbols for not only victory in the ring, but guiding one safely through a match.

With so many designs for star tattoos on the market today, it is possible to find something for just about every situation.


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